This is nothing new for GNR (or Axl and friends, as I like to call them). They play a few shows, get rave reviews and then they show up late (e.g. Wyoming, on Monday night, hitting the stage at 11:30pm, but tore it up). Then the next show on 11/23 in Albany New York was cancelled due to technical difficulties...mmm hmmm.

Could this have something to do with Axl? If we recall, Axl has a tendency of not getting the stage on time. All through the 80s and 90s, Axl would go on so late there would be people so drunk that mayhem would ensue before they hit the stage. I even recall a few shows (one in St. Louis) where Axl decided that he wouldn't go on stage at all that night. He also has the tendency to go through a couple of songs and then abruptly end the show 3-6 songs in, which pissed the audience off. Why? We still don't know the real reason, but substance abuse and mental issue rumors swirled.

Even when Metallica and Guns 'N Roses hit the road together, I went to the show in LA and waited for over 2 hours after Metallica ended their set and GNR hit the stage. I was about to say F it and leave, but then the lights went down and Slash hit the stage with the rest of the band. Not even during the Texxas Jam or Monsters of Rock were their set changes that took that long.

And then Axl really screwed the audience and their promoter when they (I say that, meaning Axl and company, since he bought out all the other original members by this time) planned a tour in the mid 2000s. What happened? A 3 great sell-out shows, killer reviews and then...late appearances and a slew of cancellations. Could this be more of the same? If so, I would suggest that IF you get a ticket, do it for the novelty, as it may be no good when that date hits.