Gonorrhea finally got sick of being the joke of the STD world. I mean, no one worries about gonorrhea, right? You could beat that thing with a few weeks of antibiotics, laugh in its face, and go right back to humpin'.

Well . . . those days may be over. Scientists have found a new evolved strain of gonorrhea in Japan. And not a single one of the known treatments can kill it.

If it spreads, it means gonorrhea could go from an STD afterthought to a potential WORLDWIDE EPIDEMIC.

If gonorrhea can't be treated, it can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease in both genders, and pregnancy issues and infertility in women.

It also makes a person more susceptible to contracting other STDs, including HIV.

So scientists are trying to get trials for new gonorrhea treatments going, to see if a brand-new class of drugs called carbapenems could knock this strain out.

(Yahoo News)