'Grassroots' is a new movie, starring Jason Biggs and Joel David Moore, based on the true story of  a Seattle music critic who decides to run for the city council despite having no political experience. Hmmmm...sounds like Presidential material to me.  But I digress. The movie looks like something I'd waste a couple of hours on anyway, but when I heard that the soundtrack featured previously unheard songs from late Alice In Chains singer Layne Staley - I was sold!

Unfortunately,  I haven't been able to come up copies of the songs yet (believe me, I'm working on it!), but you can check out the movie trailer here:

Staley died in 2002 following a long battle with drug addiction.  Alice In Chains played a video tribute to Staley during the changeover from the electric to acoustic set on their 2006 tour.  Check it out here:

Some rare Layne Staley material: