I love it when someone hooks me up with a great new band! Even so, I have to admit I was little confused when I opened an email titled "The Campaign 1984". Really? A little late, aren't we? But then again, email didn't exist in 1984, so I can be a little forgiving if election campaign propaganda shows up a little late, right?

Imagine my surprise when I opened the email (and it wasn't a virus!) and found a couple of videos that f-ing rock! The Campaign 1984 is a self-proclaimed "dirty-south rock n roll band" from Asheville, NC (the home of Warren Haynes of Gov't Mule & The Allman Bros) that just happen to be managed by the same guys that manage 3 Doors Down...and that band has done pretty well, huh?

Check 'em out and tell me that "dirty south rock n roll band" moniker doesn't fit!


I think we need to get these guys at the Warehouse ASAP!!! What have you heard lately that made you go "Holy #&*@!!!!