For a country that's supposed to be GUN CRAZY, we sure have a funny way of showing it. According to a new report, gun ownership in the U.S. is at an ALL-TIME LOW.

At least they think it's an all-time low. No one started keeping personal gun ownership statistics until the early 1970s.

Gun ownership peaked in 1977, when 54% of American households had a gun. By 2010, that had dropped to the all-time low point of 32.3%. That's right . . . less than one in three homes now owns a gun.

Male gun ownership peaked in 1990, at 52.4%. Now, only 33.2% of men personally report owning a gun.

Female ownership peaked in 1982, when 14.3% of women reported personally owning a gun. Now it's down to 9.9%.

There are several theories why gun ownership is so far down. The biggest one is that the gun-owning population is getting older and younger generations just aren't as interested in owning one.

Other theories: Hunting has become less popular . . . new environmental and zoning issues are making it harder for gun ranges to open . . . and more single-parent households are headed up by women, who are less likely to own guns.

(Violence Policy Center)