GUNS N' ROSES' entire December 21st show at the Forum in Los Angeles was originally only available as a pay-per-view event via iClips.  Through the magic of the World Wide Web, the entire show is now available, and of course we have it for you.


Steve Baltin at The Hollywood Reporter recently published a review of the gig. Here's an excerpt:

"Sorry to disappoint the Rose bashers, but the frontman was on his very best behavior at the Forum show, thanking the fans multiple times, going on two minutes before 11 p.m. (right in the 10:30 to 11 p.m. window promised), and even smiling on several occasions. And in further bad news for the anti-Rose contingent, the current incarnation of Guns, featuring former REPLACEMENTS bassist Tommy Stinson along with keyboardist Dizzy Reed, who played on Use Your Illusion, and LOVE SPIT LOVE guitarist Richard Fortus, sounded pretty solid.

That, of course is where much of the animosity stems from -- the faithful who’ve dreamt of an Appetite For Destruction-era reunion maintain this Slash-less band, touring for the first time in five years, isn’t Guns N’ Roses at all so long as Rose is the only original member. Their argument may have merit, but it’s not relevant to the quality of the sound and production today, both of which were top-notch for an arena rock show.

Featuring six video screens, repeated pyrotechnics and Rose working tirelessly to play to the whole crowd as he repeatedly ran back and forth across the stage, the visuals and showmanship defied expectations. Given Rose’s penchant for perfectionism, one wouldn’t expect any less."

Check out the complete review here, and the show here: