How many times have you thought to yourself, "Hey, I wonder what that song would have sounded like if it were done in New Orleans? In 1928!!!"

Thankfully, the fine folks at Postmodern Jukebox have your answer. Their new album, "Twist is the New Twerk", takes a very different view of 17 songs from recent years. There's some serious talent in this group, and even if you don't like the modern version of the included songs, if you're a fan of music (and not just a specific genre), you'll find yourself listening to this album over and over again.

My favorite is the jazzed up version of Guns 'N' Roses "Sweet Child 'O' Mine". Singer Miche Braden does her best Bessie Smith, and hits a couple of notes Axl Rose couldn't have touched in his best days. Check it out here, then pick up a copy of this disc...and join me in old New Orleans!