Back in 1993 Iron Maiden was falling apart and the Bruce Dickinson was becoming less and less interested in the direction of the band and he decided to strike out on his own. But before he officially departed he dropped an album bigger than the previous Iron Maiden album...Tattooed Millionaire.

This album was filled with fun pop-metal songs, all of them had a sarcastic edge to them, like the title track, which is a an ode to his hate of Nikki Sixx. In an European leg of the previous Maiden tour, Nikki Sixx had been caught canoodling...and porking Bruce's wife. To say that Bruce didn't forgive him is quite evident in this song.

BTW, Nikki Sixx hasn't exactly endeared himself to other people, like Sully from Godsmack. Rumor is that "Crying Like a Bitch" was written for Nikki.

Enjoy the first swing at Nikki Sixx from Bruce Dickinson: