Extreme was...and I guess still is...a kick ass band. Very little was original about the band, as they tipped their hat to fellow Bostonians Areosmith, with a touch of Kiss meets Van Halen meets Sammy Hagar, which proved to be quite successful...and the band's demise.

While the band enjoyed hit after hit with their first album, Pornographitti and 3-Sides to every story. Over time, they dropped the whole Hair Band look and sound and found themselves somewhere in the Tesla/Firehouse world of music, where Mainstream Rock meets acoustic Classic Rock and Mom-Rock, while the rest of the Rock genre went to grunge.

But that wasn't what caused their implosion. Around the time of their waning success, Nuno Bettencourt, allegedly, adopted a really nasty heroin addiction and Gary Cherone was recruited by Van Halen (because of his close sound to Sammy Hagar and Van Halen) ...and we know how that turned out.

Today, Extreme still gets together, but it is rare. Sometimes, it is nicer to relive the past, than try to re-kindle the flame that burned out long ago.