Firehouse was one of those bands that capitalized on the Hairband era, then the guys figured out their music was for pussies.

The band burst on the Hairband scene late in the era, with the title of a Kiss song,  the sound of Boston meets Poison and eventually segued into "mini-van Mom" Rock. Though the guys had high hopes for the band, with songs like "Reach For the Sky" and "All She Wrote". But with the litany of ballads that that FireHouse generated, sold millions of albums, plus made them a staple at Soft Rock stations across the USA.

Today, FireHouse still goes out on tour and people still buy tickets to see them. Technically, they are one of the most successful Hairbands of the era. They also hold the dubious honor of never breaking up.

Love 'em or hate them, they still make million of dollars per year. Though I think CJ Snare (lead singer) was an asshole when I met him, he can still sing is ass off.