The Scorpions were a known name, but not household until they kicked everyone's ass with the Blackout album. This was a time when Hairbands hadn't been named, as such. They were just hard-rock or metal bands, like Rush, Quiet Riot, Triumph and even Zebra. They all kind of got lumped into this thing called Rock. Not Alternative, not Metal, nu-Metal, not Hairbands, just F-ing Rock N Roll...and the Scorpions provided the backbone to that sound in the 80s. These guys had hit after they are in the final stages of their career...supposedly.

After 44 years, they put out one of the best albums of their careers and they decided to call it quits, but they still can't find an end-date. At this point their final show date is December 15th in Oberhausen, Germany.

What's interesting, all of the band members are working on solo albums...and they have the other band members on their albums. Kind makes me think, they will pull an Ozzy or Elton John and will have another album soon?