Though not nearly as vigorous of a debate of Dave or Sammy, there has always been the debate for Whitesnake fans, which version was better, the John Sykes version or the Adrianne Vandenberg/Steve Vai version?  The truth is, David Coverdale was the only glue that Whitesnake ever had.

John Sykes joined Whitesnake in 1984 out of the ashes of Thin Lizzy. John was brought in to re-record the "Slide It In" album for the USA. The British version had Mickey Moody and Mel Galley playing guitar. What did it sound like? Take a listen...not too different, but a bit more raw, which is what Whitesnake was known for, up until this point: raw and bluesy.

John Sykes did for Whitesnake what he did for Whitesnake what he did for Thin Lizzy, make the sound HUGE and in your face.  Which was where the disconnect came between David Coverdale. The 2 men didn't get along too well, both claiming Whitesnake's success for themselves. Considering that "Slide It In" and their self-titled 1987 massive hit album were either all re-makes of Whitesnake songs from the past or b-sides,you would think that it would be hard to claim that John Sykes could take that much credit.

Regardless, after Sykes was dismissed, as was the rest of the Slide It In version of the band, Vandenberg and Vai took over and the live shows were amazing, like this song, performed in 1990.