I've never watched Glee, but I get the concept of the show. I always just assumed that the songs used on the show were of the "pop" crap variety. Then I find out that Halestorm gives the show the rights to cover a new song. Sure it's no Lzzy Hale on vocals, but I think it is great exposure for the band.

We all know and love Halestorm for songs like I Get Off and Love Bites (So Do I). Halestorm just plan rocks, but the do have a softer side as demonstrated by Here's To Us. I think that the exposure Glee can offer for an up and coming band like Halestorm is huge. Yeah, Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon can dismiss doing Glee. They don't need the exposure.

Of course, the main exposure that we are concerned with about is that Halestorm is playing 99X Fest coming up Thursday, April 19th at the CenturyLink Center alongside Godsmack and Staind. You can get your tickets NOW and I think that is probably a good idea.