Today is legendary rocker Eddie Van Halen's 61st birthday. Eddie has been a beast on guitar for well over 3 decades. His licks are almost as iconic as his legendary fights with bandmates. The guy has lived and breathed rock and roll like few others have.

But, here is a little tidbit of information that you may or may not know. Eddie has some strong Shreveport ties. Eddie married Shreveport native and actress Valerie Bertinelli back in 1981. During the early years of their marriage, Van Halen would open their tours here in Shreveport so Val could visit her family. She also gave birth to Wolfgang Van Halen, who now plays bass for Van Halen.

So, while Eddie never actually lived here and has no real connections anymore, today I make Eddie the Dean of Rock at LSU-Shreveport. That title carries no actual weight, but what the's not like those guys can afford to sue me.