Ah Valentine's Day. It's a day where couples have to go that extra mile to prove that they care for one another. Sometimes it fairs well and other times it turns out to be a horrible disaster that leads to the couple's ultimate demise but hopefully it doesn't come to that. Here are a few tips to help you procrastinators who have put off Valentine's Day gifts until today.

1. Walmart is open 24/7

2. Every kiss begins with K and every diamond ends with the letters B and J

3. Some homeless folk sell wilted flowers at the stoplights and that homeless person could be the next great failing radio DJ

4. Make sure you close the recordable card so that she doesn't here what you actually have to say about her while you vent in the car.

5. And finally, if you do fail then remember that there are still plenty of singles out there not celebrating Valentine's Day and they're at happy hour. Go there, and become happy