It's been a couple of years since we've heard from Cold. Their last album, Superfiction, came out in 2011. The band, however, is hard at work on a new project and they need our help!

Scooter and company want to make a live DVD/ double album and they need a helping hand. To make this the best and baddest live album they can without any Corporate interference, Cold are asking for some donations to make it happen.

They are attempting to raise $45,000 on IndieGoGo so they can procure cameras, sound gear, proper recording equipment, and the whole works to make this the best production they can for us, the fans.

From his letter to the fans, Scooter Ward says:

Once we were in the spotlight we chose to shy away from the mainstream instead of following the trends. It was never about that for us. It was about you, the fans. It was about our needs and desires to write music from our hearts. Cold has always wanted to create a live dvd for the fans that love the music who might not be able to attend a concert because of their location or financial woes. Helping us with this project will give everyone a chance to experience what we and the fans have felt when playing onstage through the years. From the time we have spent touring and meeting with fans, our relationship has turned into a family. Making a concert more of a reunion than a show. We will continue to create and tour without corporate backing. We want to make True art without having restrictions. You can make this possible by helping fund the campaign. We thank you in advance and love you all very much.

If you decide to help Cold out, you can score some pretty cool perks including a signed drum head, custom guitar with lessons, and handwritten lyric pages. To help Cold out, hit the link below.