It's a little late for the college bound kids who just graduated, but just in time for high school seniors applying to college: It's "GQ's" list of the "Douchiest Colleges in America."

Their methodology doesn't really hold up, but that's sort of fitting for the word 'douche.' Because these days, it's the kind of word that everybody's using on everyone else. Even douches. See what I mean? Anyway, here's the top ten.

#1.) Cornell . . . because it's cold, and they always have to remind you that they're in the Ivy League.

#2.) Penn State . . . because they're obsessed with their football team, and not much else. The stereotypical college 'douche' school.

#3.) Yale . . . because it's famous for being the fast-track to the highest levels of government power, etcetera.

#4.) Stanford . . . because the kids who go there are all rich, but pretend NOT to be, and they'll be richer than the rest of us when they graduate, by starting a successful tech company. Or something.

#5.) Pepperdine . . . it's full of rich, over-privileged girls with a sense of entitlement, who are simultaneously hardcore religious.

#6.) Brigham Young . . . because of the Mormon connection.

#7.) Bennington . . . because it's super expensive, and the kids are all overly serious.

#8.) University of Delaware . . . because of its fratty, "Jersey Shore"-like vibe.

#9.) MIT . . . because they're really nerdy? Again, this list doesn't make a ton of sense.

#10.) University of Florida . . . because it's full of buff dudes with tans, tattoos, and ink.