just released the results of their fourth-annual 'Great Male' Survey. More than 70,000 men responded to the survey. Check out some of the highlights when it comes to dating and sex . . .



--It's okay to be dumb if you're loyal. A sense of loyalty is the main thing men look for in deciding whether a woman is relationship material. Loyalty got 35% of the vote. Intelligence came in as the LEAST important trait, at 19%.



--Most guys don't care about prenups, even though they're afraid of losing everything in a divorce. 68% of guys say having their future wife sign a prenup isn't important . . . but 79% say the courts are unfair to men in a divorce.



--At least in survey responses, men won't cheat. 72% say that if they could cheat with no chance of their partner finding out, they wouldn't do it . . . either out of respect, love, morality, or all three. 2% of the men say they already DO cheat.



--Guys are stupidly shallow about weight. A surprisingly high and surprisingly ignorant 47% of the men surveyed say they'd dump a girlfriend if she got too chubby.



--Chivalry isn't dead when it comes to the check. 44% of guys say the guy should pay for the majority of dates until the relationship is established, 21% say he should pay for the majority forever, and 13% say he should pay for ALL of them.



--Women should be careful about Facebook friending their exes. 29% of guys say they're not comfortable with a woman friending her exes. And another 27% say they're only comfortable if they've met the guy before.



--Women with money don't intimidate men anymore. Only 7% of guys say they'd be uncomfortable dating a woman who makes more money.



--A healthy sex life means regular sex. 78% of the guys surveyed said that a healthy sex life means having sex with a partner multiple times a week. 0% said it's healthy to have sex less than once a month.



--The majority of guys have fantasized about their partner's friends. 37% have fantasized about their wife or girlfriend's friends in the past, and 28% more do it regularly. 11% don't do it . . . but say it's a struggle not to.



--Threesomes are the fantasy that guys want the most. 37% say having a threesome is their biggest fantasy.



--Guys think they know when a woman's faking her climax. 55% say they THINK they can tell if a woman is faking, and another 23% say they can DEFINITELY tell if a woman is faking. And 81% are offended by women faking.



--Half of men wouldn't change the size of their junk. 50% say nope, they'd keep it the same size. 31% would make it bigger to feel better about themselves, 19% would make it bigger to satisfy their partner. 0% would make it smaller.



--What makes a woman promiscuous? 34% say it's 10 sexual partners . . . 32% say it's 20 partners . . . 15% say it's 50 partners . . . and 3% say it's 100 partners. 16% say NO number of partners makes a woman promiscuous.



--When do women start losing their looks? 40% say age 40 . . . 23% say age 50 . . . 16% say age 30 . . . 7% say age 60 . . . 1% say age 20 . . . and 15% say never.



--Most guys break up in person. In their last breakup, 55% did it in person. 13% did it on the phone. And then there's THESE guys: 8% shot off a text . . . and 2% used a Facebook message.