(--Yesterday we gave you the dating and sex results from a huge AskMen.com survey. Today we're moving on to the lifestyle-type stuff.)



--AskMen.com just released the results of their fourth-annual Great Male Survey. More than 70,000 men responded. Here are some of the highlights of their results on lifestyle-type questions . . .



--The majority of men care what you think of their car. 54% say they know people judge them by their car and they want people to be impressed . . . or, at least they don't want to be EMBARRASSED.



--Do men get manicures and pedicures? 4% of men say they occasionally get a manicure or pedicure. That's the worldwide number. In the U.S. it jumps up to 7%.



--The ultimate "man's drink" is still beer. 35% say beer is the ultimate "man's drink" . . . followed by whiskey at 28% and scotch at 27%.



--The average number of shoes and suits. The average man has four to six pairs of shoes and one to three suits. 16% of men don't own a suit, and 1% own more than ten.



--Men think women are most attracted to abs. 38% say that women appreciate a man's abs the most. 25% think women like arms the most . . . 24% say chest . . . 12% say butt . . . and 1% say legs.



--13% of men never work out. Of the guys who do, 67% do it to feel good or stay healthy . . . only 16% admit they do it to attract women . . . and 4% say they're ADDICTED.



--Men are fine with crying. Only 4% say that real men never cry. 36% say it's OK for a man to cry after a tragedy . . . and 31% say it's fine for men to cry whenever.



--Virtually no men have filed a sexual harassment claim. 78% say they've never been harassed at work. 16% say they have but it didn't bother them . . . 3% say it bothered them but they didn't file a claim . . . and 1% actually took action.



--If you could get away with it, would you punch your boss in the face? 31% say yes. 48% say that they'd punch a co-worker in the face if they could get away with it.



--What is the ultimate male status symbol? Believe it or not, 37% of guys say "a family." 29% said a high-profile career, 23% said a beautiful wife, 7% said a great house, 3% said a great car, and 1% said membership to an exclusive club.



--43% of men don't have a bucket list but would like to make one. I guess they can put "make a bucket list" on their bucket list.