For me, when the holidays are here, it conjures up thoughts of drinking boxed wine, spending tons of money and laughing my ass off at TV shows which remind us of the holidays.

Top of the List is Saturday Night Live. Say what you want about how good or bad the shows is, but the have had some funny as hell Christmas bits. Here are just a few that are worth reliving:

#5 "A Very SNL Christmas Charlie Brown"
SNL gave us cartoons like Mr. Bill and The Ambiguously Gay Duo and Tippy Turtle, they started lampooning TV favorites with TV Fun House.

#4 "Dick In A Box".
A friend of mine dressed up like this for Christmas...and ACTUALLY put their member in a box.

#3 This bit has given Adam Sandler a pay check every year for the Chanaukah.

#2 And before Adam Sandler reminded us that Christmas time fell at the same time as Chanakah, we had Jon Lovitz who was Haunakah Harry who saved Christmas.

#1 And back when SNL started, they really pushed the limits of what SNL would do today, since the censors sometimes go a little nuts. This also features Dan Akroyd when he was actually funny and a very young Candice Bergen.