I rue the day that I traded in my Jeep Cherokee, and traded it in on a "new" car.  A car that now, thanks to my arch-enemy the Masked Pothole (on Linwood Road), has the suspension of a 15-year-old Hugo.

The Masked Pothole

I won't even mention the pothole at Westport and Pines Road.  If you haven't seen Grandma in a while - she may have been in that shuttle bus full of geriatric Wal-Mart shoppers I saw fall into said pothole a few weeks  ago.  To the credit of the street maintenance people, that hole has been filled in.  Probably to cover up the bodies.

Did I See the Loch Ness Monster in There?

I seem to recall that when the powers-that-be were pushing for the legalization of casinos in Louisiana, the tax benefits were one of the big selling points.  The gazillions of dollars that these boats would pay in taxes would insure that Louisiana's infrastructure would be second to none, and that our education system would reap the benefits.  Uh, I might be mistaken, but our education system is still bottom feeding - right there with Mississippi and Uganda.  And our roads and highways...well, even Uganda rates higher...

Ugandan Highway

There's no way I can blame the casinos for our crap roads and schools - they did (and do) pony up those gazillions in tax dollars.  But, somewhere along the kickback highway, that money is going somewhere else.  Probably for all those neon bulbs on the Texas Street Bridge.  Oh, wait, most of those are out.  Hmmm...

Let's all get our favorite Shreveport pothole photos together and send them to the mayor.  I'll bet Cedric doesn't have a pothole on his street.  Maybe we should dig one there.  Big enough for his limo to fall in.