Week 20 was a great voting week...more than 1,500 total votes! Our winner this week is....Gabriel's Last Breath!  The guys are awesome, and I'm looking forward to hearing their tune "The Book" on 99x this week. 

Gonna do something WAAAY different THIS week.  Instead of bringing you an all NEW lineup, or bringing back some previous contenders who fell short of winning...I'm featuring the top three vote-getters from earlier contests...and the songs that got them the win.  Let's see how many votes they can get THIS time around!  And awaaaayyy we goooo!!!

These guys "KILLED" it in week five...generating more than 3,000 out of 4,400 votes.

Kulture Kill - Peel the Skin

These guys were "SAINTS" in week 14, turning in more than 2,100 out of over 2,400 votes.

Saints Order - The Fallen

There was "NO" match for these guys in week 13.  They netted just over 1,500 out of close to 3,000 votes. 

Noyola - Shaped to Break