Everyone has the experience where they did something for the first time and we call those "first timer mistakes." Most times, they are forgivable. Rarely, will they get you arrested -- unless you are Kayla Trueblood.

Kayla Trueblood

Meet, Kayla Trueblood from Mossville, IL. She is a first year teacher of "gifted" students at Mossville Junior High and Elementary School.

While most teachers find the kid with the biggest brain; this teacher found the student who was most endowed in other areas, as she is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a 16-year-old student, including one sexual liaison that happened in her classroom after hours, which as the school board horrified that this would happen on campus.

On the plus side, it appears that the boy is not a student of Ms. Trueblood. So apparently he's not gifted, but he does appear to have gifts in other areas.

No word if she really needs the glasses or just wears them to have that "sexy teacher look." If so, she succeeded.