Saw this on the way in to the station today.  We advertise for businesses, I see nothing wrong with him wanting to advertise his...."business".  I can understand his plight.  I think all men reading this right now know just how difficult it would be to try to find a woman with an education, no perscriptions, no children and that doesn't look like Lon Chaney. I'm glad he chose to go with a sign instead of just putting some truck nuts on his reasonably priced vehicle and calling it good.  I'm sure if there are some single ladies ready to mingle, they can find this fella unless he's never heard of facebook,, or Sprague street.  Either way, his desperation should be a sign to all us men (married men included).  If you have a woman in your life that's willing to do you for free, stick with her.  The grass doesn't look like it's greener on the other side.