So the wife and I were cleaning out clothes, as we need to get ready for winter, we don't have too much room in our place. That, and I am getting fatter by the day.

As we were cleaning out my dresser she asked me if I could buy more underwear, as the ones I have are see-through and I was told I just have too many.  I can't say much about how opaque they are, but the number I have I did question. I have 10 pair.  I didn't think that was too much, but some reason, she thought I had too many, for a guy. Seriously? Skid marks, I get as to why I should eliminate some, but just because I have too many, please.

After trashing a good three pair, I decided to look it up and see how many pairs of underwear someone "should" own.  (Because I am a nerd, like that. )

According to a new survey asked people to name the "normal" amount of underwear for a person to own.  Here are the results.
60% say it's eight to 15 pairs, which is a one-to-two-week supply.
17% say 16 to 30 pairs, which is about a two-to-four-week supply.
11% say it's only normal to have ONE to SEVEN pairs.
5% say it's normal to have 30 to 60 pairs.
3% of people say it's normal to have 365 PAIRS of underwear....these people OBVIOUSLY have an incontinence issue, or just don't know how to wipe.