Although Louisiana is considering imposing restrictions on red light camera use, residents across the state are still receiving these types of costly tickets everyday. And while most people simply opt to pay the fine in order to avoid unwanted trouble with the law, we would like to show you a method for beating these citations that could help you down the road.

Nathan Cox recently published a letter on Virginia Cop Block that details the correspondence he used with the Washington D.C. DMV, which ultimately got him out of paying a $250 “Photo-Enforced Speeding Ticket.” Even though it took one-year to rectify the situation, his only effort was sending the following letter to the DMV:

To Whom it May Concern,

I received a letter claiming I committed a violation of a speeding law in the District of Columbia on 04/21/2012. As per the instructions, I am writing to plead ‘not guilty’ to this charge. Although this option is said to result in this matter going to court; it is my suggestion that the charges simply be dropped. This suggestion comes out of respect for tax payers, and my request that their hard earned money not be wasted in such proceedings. As there is no evidence of my involvement with this alleged ‘crime’, as well as the fact that I am not granted my 6th amendment right to face my ‘accuser’ (a camera); I see no way the government could prove my guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. I also see find no legal requirement for me to implicate someone else in this process, as it is the government’s responsibility to prove a person’s guilt. It is also my 5th amendment right to remain silent on the matter.

If it is the government’s decision to move forward in this matter, I would request copies of any evidence the prosecution may have of my involvement in the “offense”; as well as, all maintenance records for the camera(s) involved.


Nathan Cox

United States Army Veteran

Eventually, Cox received a postcard indicating his request had been received and that the Department of Motor Vehicles would make a decision on the matter within six months. One year later, Cox received a letter advising him the ticket had been DISMISSED.

It is your right to dispute Photo Enforced Red Light Tickets... perhaps this letter will help you do so.