Some men are good in the bedroom, some in the garage, some on the grill. Here at 99X we want you to be good even in the kitchen, so push your barefoot and pregnant one out of the way and get ready to lather up a manly feast.

  • 1

    Get out your cast iron skillet.

    If you don't have one, grow some balls, go out and buy one. I'll wait. Throw your ground beef in here and brown it until it's no longer pink. Pink is good for some things, just not ground beef. Add some Worcestershire sauce until you think it may be too much. Add broth and cook your carrots (canned) and peas (frozen) in the pan too. Warm everything up.

  • 2

    Boil water for instant mashed potatoes.

    While you're waiting for the other crap in the pan to warm through, boil some water for instant mashed potatoes, make some in a bowl with some salt and pepper. Make sure to make enough to cover the top of whatever bake-ware you make your women get out of the cabinet for you.

  • 3

    Put everything in the baking dish.

    Throw the crap from the iron skillet (onions, carrots, peas, meat) in the bottom of the dish. Layer the top with your newly man made mashed potatoes. I use a frosting spatula because it works hella well...and it makes me feel prissy. Some purists may give me hell about using canned carrots or frozen peas or instant mashed potatoes, but so what...have 'em tell it to my face.

  • 4

    Put it in the oven on Broil.

    Broil that stuff. I'd say for about 15 minutes. Since everything was heated through already in the pan and your potatoes are instant, we don't have to pussy around with cooking anything. We just want to brown the top which takes like 1/3 the time (take that purists). After that, throw whatever cheese you want on top if you so desire...(and I do desire a dark room, alone).

  • 5

    Take out of the oven and let cool. Eat Like A Man.

    Carve out a manly hunk, throw it on a plate, grab a beer and chow down. Oh yeah, and don't forget to facebook about it to your vegan skinny ass lady friends. This way they know what they are missing when they have to finger poke their throats everyday after lunch.