Tornadoes are douches, floods are like the scorn of a woman's fury, but Hurricanes are just a-holes.

Hurricane Irene is making her way for the east coast as we speak and Florida should start feeling the brink of her wrath later in the week followed by the Carolinas taking her on full force. This is the first hurricane to make landfall since hurricane Ike back in 2008. But as  I was saying, hurricanes are giant butt munches. They're like that loud guy at the airport, talking on the phone as loud as he can and just running over people without a care in the world. No one likes that guy. I guess the only good thing I can say is that atleast Louisiana isn't getting hit again but it still sucks for Florida and the Carolinas. They expect this thing to be at a category 4 with wind speeds up to 131 mph.

You would think by now that with the technology to put a man on the moon and to clone a goat, we could have some kind of way of knocking these things out before they damage anything but for some reason, that's still just stupid sci fi talk. The guy that does invent that though is going to be a hero. I'll bet Stephen Hawking knows but he's just keeping it to himself and he's got the formula written down on the back of a cocktail napkin.