....and hated every moment of it.

What in the hell? Has America gotten so bad that we turn to the dumbest possible thing on TV? Yesterday was Labor day and  I had some time to kill. I was flipping through the channels and it seemed like nothing was on or I had seen everything and then I saw that the Jersey Shore was on. Now I have heard horrible things from everyone about the show but I have to admit, I was curious and decided to see what all the hubub was about. Holy Hell in a Handbasket. It was the episode where the big dumb ape tries to fight the skinny dumb ape. Neither of these two buffoons can fight worth a damn and the little one ended up ramming his head into a concrete wall. Meanwhile, all the women (who all look rode hard and put up wet) were balling their last bits of mascara out of their eyes. It was the most God awful thing that has ever been shown on television. Why are people so into this show? Why was that even a good idea to put on the air? I can't figure it out unless America is in a state of devolution. I hope that isnt the case because I worry about what the future generations will be watching on TV.