A show of hands please.  Who thinks that 'Alien" and "Aliens' were the best and f-ing scariest movie and sequel ever made?  Hands down...thank you.  Those retractable teeth...the alien with acid blood (even if you shoot the damn thing, you get acid all over your ass - a 'lose-lose' scenario)...and birthin' those little vermin right through your belly.  Truly nasty and horrifying shyte by anyone's standards.

Now there's 'Prometheus'.  After watching the trailer, I have to say that, for a movie that doesn't include Ripley getting into a space suit, this flix looks set to kick nine kinds of ass!

First and foremost, director Ridley Scott is back in action.   Scott hasn't made a sci-fi movie since 1982's "Blade Runner," and after 30 years, it's damn time he got back into the game!  The trailer tantalizes with the same feelings of dread and claustrophobia of the original two Alien movies - and seems to position it as as a prequel to those classic sci-fi flix. It shows elements of the first film, including that weird dead alien who appears to have been chest-bursted a few light years before the Nostromo crew stumbled upon him. Scott and writer Damon Lindelof (co-creator of "Lost") say "No, it's not". But I for one am not buying that story.

But prequel or not, it appears to me that the only downside to this movie is that we have to wait until June of 2012 to see it! Check out the trailer here, and let me know if you agree that this could be THE movie of 2012!