What can you say about Phil Anselmo that hasn't been said before? Whether you love him or hate him, Phil is far beyond driven. He has been a part of some of the most legendary bands in metal -- Pantera, Down, and SuperJoint Ritual just to name a few. And now, for the first time in his career, he's released a solo album. Billed as Phillip H. Anselmo and the Illegals, the debut record is called "Walk Through Exits Only."

Check out my crazy interview with Phil Anselmo below.

Thoughts on the new album

"Walk Through Exits Only is a raw expression of extreme metal. This is the type of record you need to listen to more than 10 times before you get it," Anselmo told me. "Some people say I'm just screaming and all that. That's fair enough. But there is medley in there. There is vocal harmony in there. Maybe y'all can call it Phil-core or some sh_t."

Speaking with Vinnie Paul

Phil also had a lot to say about the state of his relationship with Vinnie Paul and the surviving members of Pantera.

"Forget about reunion shows and making records, I hate reading about my favorite band not getting along. One day, it would mean the world to me, and I'm sure to Rex, if Vince would just let us back into his life, let us talk out our differences and let the public know at least we are speaking, at least we have some form of camaraderie again, and we are on decent terms."

Shreveport Roots

Believe it or not, Phil played his first gig with Pantera at Circle in the Square in downtown Shreveport.

"I cut my teeth and learned my trade in Shreveport Louisiana," said Anselmo. "I got mad love for Shreveport!'

You can check out my full interview with Phil and 'Bedridden' below.