Remember when those dolls came out that would poop themselves and we all thought THAT was taking things too far? A company called Berjuan Toys in Spain just blew those dolls out of the water. They've introduced a new doll called the "Breast Milk Baby" . . . which, like you might guess, is a baby doll designed to BREASTFEED. The doll costs $89 and comes with a special shirt your kid puts on. The shirt has little flowers over the general nipple areas. When the baby's lips make contact with those flowers, it starts making slurping and gurgling noises. This toy has been around in Spain for a few years, but now it's made its way over here. According to a U.S. spokesman from Berjuan Toys, they've gotten plenty of complaints about the doll, but he thinks they're all off base. Quote, "As Americans, we've been duped into believing there's something shameful and taboo about breastfeeding, but the truth is, that idea was created to sell more baby formula. "The Breast Milk Baby is a serious product, created by a small, family-owned, Christian toy manufacturer who strongly believes in the benefits of feeding babies the natural, God-given way. Little girls need to learn to breastfeed."