In what could be the biggest moment in recent WWE history, rumors are swirling that CM Punk is set to return to the company in time for Wrestlemania. Basically, a report came out that Taker's Mania opponent would be someone not on the current WWE roster. Then, John Cena posted Punk's Twitter Profile picture on his Instagram. Then, WWE added Punk to the roster, something he hasn't been on for 2 years! Oh and Joe Rogen said it would be stupid for Punk to ever fight in the UFC.

Look, I'm not an insider. I have no secret information. BUT, if there was one thing that could make CM Punk come back, it would probably be headlining or Co Headlining Mania in an epic battle with the Dead Man or possibly John Cena.

Now, as I stated, this is all speculation and rumor. But, something is certainly a foot. Did he sign a legends contract? Is he going into the Hall of Fame? Is he actually going to wrestle? All I know is I have fantasies of Pipe Bombs and CM Punk leading the Bullet Club. Time will tell if that happens, but in the mean time, enjoy some of my favorite CM Punk moments.