The thong/g-string have been around for a long while now and have been very enjoyable (if you don't believe me, check out any number of our thong related posts). In fact, some may even venture to say it is up there with teddies and wonder bras as the greatest invention in the history of clothing. Well, all that goes out the window with the advent of the latest in female clothing, I would like to introduce you the c-string.

Not really sure what the hell it is, but I like it! Although, after looking at this thing for a while (a really, really, REALLY long while) I have several questions about the C-String:

1) Will real women actually wear this thing?

2) Where do you put the dollar bills?

3) What does the giant "C" stand for?

Check out the pictures below and let me know what you think (By the way, if you own one of these bad boys and to model it for us, email some pictures to :