"Our special today is Oderus Urungus asparagus. And may I suggest a BalSac sazarac to complement it?"

Strange? Yes. But words to that effect may be heard soon in Richmond, VA if the guys in GWAR get their way.

Apparently, one of the dreams of late GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus (aka Dave Brockie) was to open a GWAR-themed restaurant. This summer, months after Brockie passed away, his dream is coming to fruition.

In a recent press release, the band announced the opening of GWARbar, a restaurant that will feature menu items designed by band member BalSac himself.

According to BalSac in an interview with radio.com,

“My mother taught me the endless secrets of intergalactic cooking. And then I ate her.”

The restaurant is also being headed up by Travis Croxton, Richmond’s restauranteur of the year in 2013.

The band is currently raising funds via Indiegogo to help renovate a previously used space. The $50,000 goal includes various tiers of prizes for donations, including $1,000 that will get you a barstool at the restaurant with your name engraved on it.

What are you waiting for? Break out the Visa card. And while you're waiting for the charge to be approved, check out some GWAR videos: