MTV's Jackass rose to fame with a collaboration of guys that hurt themselves or friends all in an effort to entertain us.  I'll admit it, I was always entertained.

The notorious of the bunch was of course Steve-O. I'll always remember him sticking that bottle rocket in the place we never had the guts.

His life is much different now as he has been sober for one year. The life and times of Steve-O have been dished out in his new book "Steve-O Professional Idiot: A Memoir." 

The tell-all book touches on his time with Jackass of course, but also delves into snorting cocaine with Mike Tyson and checking himself into a psych ward after thoughts of suicide.

Sobriety didn't take to much of the Jackass out of  Steve-O, which is apparent if you've watched Jackass 3D. Imagine doing this sober!

Huffington Post