I'm not sure how old (or young...haha!) Rockin' Rick is going to be on October 29th...but I've got a big birthday coming up on the 28th (I WISH I could say it's 30!!). Since my birthday celebration will run into his, we're just gonna celebrate our big days together...when Rehab plays the Riverside Warehouse! It's one of our 99x Homegrown Live shows (and at this point, I'm not sure WHO else is playing the show with Rehab...but I will let you know when I find out!)

In addition to October 28th being my and Rick's birthday blow-out, it's also the Warehouse's Halloween Party -- so I know I will be dressed up as....something. I haven't really decided yet -- but I do have an idea in mind, which I think will be incredibly creative and interesting. I hope EVERYONE comes out to celebrate two "holidays" in one with us! It will be an event to remember!  Well, I might not remember much the next day, but I'm thinking lots of people will be taking pictures. Just remember to let me see those before you post them anywhere. Haha!