I managed to run into two of the guys from Simsboro, Louisiana, band Dugdemona at the Riverside Warehouse this past Saturday night (and forgive me for not remembering your names!!!)  They recognized me...asked me if I had a shirt...I said no...so they brought meo ne!  It is a "girly-style" one...and SO comfortable! When I went to try it on yesterday, I noticed what looked like a little hole in the bottom hem of the shirt. Then I realized the "little holes" go all the way around the bottom...the sleeves...and the neckline. AWESOME!

As far as the BAND goes...if you like "a combination of sludge & doom, with a splash of southern metal on the rocks"...these are your guys! Here's one of their songs for you to preview...ROCK OUT! This one's called Reckoning: