In case you can't read the says "Are You A Freak (Like Me)? (Not gonna answer that question, by the way...haha!) That's acually one of this Beaumont, Texas, band's newer songs. But it wasn't the first I got from the guys. The first one was called "Crash," and the first time I heard it, I was linterally in AWE. The musical arrangement, vocals...everything just came together. What an amazing song! Even after hearing several others since then, it's still my favorite.

Remember yesterday's post when I was talking about favorite local vocalists? I mentioned that Adam Dale was in my top five...well, Adam Caillavet is on that list, too (what IS it about Adams anyway? Haha!) As for the Forever Falls live is quite a production, complete with video screens. Really something to see! On top of all that...the guys are all AWESOME, crazy and so much fun to hang out with. But I swear, if Adam makes me sing one more Evanescence song, he's getting a beating. HA! Kidding!

In case you thought I was kidding about how awesome "Crash" is, though...listen for yourself: