It's Friday, so I decided to showcase TWO bands today.  First, Distant Lights from Austin, Texas.  I've seen them a total of...well, ONE time, I think. Riverside Warehouse. Couldn't even give you the date. But the guys really impressed me, both with their talent and with how super-cool they are. What I remember the most, though, is that this was the first rock band I ever saw that has a cello soloist. And Jon Dexter ROCKS that thing! He plays keyboards, too...and I spent a little time chatting with him after that show. I believe he told me he's a cellist-for-hire. And with vocalists with names like Gabriel and Gaelan, how can you go wrong??

As a special bonus...I also wore my Flood the Masses hoodie (yes, I still wear those indoors, even though it's hotter-than-Hades outside!) These local metalheads have two shows I KNOW about coming Saturday night at the Riverside Warehouse...and they're playing Knights of Thor Fest on July 9th. Come see them at both!