After taking last Friday off (my first day back from a week's vacation), I thought I'd start off the week with another talented east Texas band. (I did black out a nipple on the angel a young child at home, after all, and don't want her asking questions...haha!)  Magdalene's changed vocalists since I first heard them...but both ladies are amazing! Stevie brings a bit different sound to the group, and I've even seen her play keys and violin, as well. I've been trying to get an open date for the group to come back to Shreveport. I'll let you know when that happens.  Word is the band is currently in the studio writing and recording for the new full-length album. Be expecting that to be ready later this year!  I certainly can't wait!!Meantime, go to their Facebook page and check out some of their tunes!!/MagdaleneTyler