I've seen these guys live a total of....ONE time. I think there were a couple of other Shreveport shows of theirs where something might have come up with either me or them.  One of the things I love most about these Austin, Texas, guys is the way they dress...their attire has a medieval-England style to it.  Reminds me of 80's Adam Ant, if you remember who THAT is! Haha! I wish I had video from the show, too...because it was fan-tas-tic!  Go to the band's Facebook page and check out the two tunes they have posted there. If your musical tastes are anything close to mine...you will NOT be disappointed. Here's a pic I took of the band at the Riverside Warehouse show.  Keep in mind, this was after they played...so they may not be fully "decked-out" in their stage outfits. ; )