Whoops! I forgot to post this yesterday...so it's a two-fer Tuesday! : )  I don't wear this shirt often enough, because I have a very different problem with it than most of my others...it's a little too SNUG.  Haha!  I can't tell you when I met the Dekree guys, but it's the one and only time I've ever seen them in person. Actually, I guess you can count that as TWO times...I interviewed them for the Homegrown show...and I saw them play at the Riverside Warehouse later that week.  This is one amazing East Texas Christian rock band!  And they don't hide their love of God...not even in a bar setting, where most people are drinking, acting silly and misbehaving.  ; )

When I met the band, it was transitioning drummers...Trey Coody was leaving for Florida -- and Toby Teague was coming in to replace him -- and since then, another member has been added, according to the Facebook page.  Robyn Rice, guitarist/vocalist Chris Rice's wife, is now listed as the band's vocalist. This I haven't heard.  And I need to.  Soon.  Also need to get the band back in Shreveport, because they're not only musically talented, but all-around "good people," as well.  I miss them!  I play them on Homegrown regularly...so make sure to check them out!