Men Health voted Jennifer Aniston the hottest woman of all time. I think Jen is hot. I think Jen is sexy and definitely do-able. But, is she the hottest woman of all time? I think not. So, here is my list of woman I think are hotter than Jen.

  • 5

    Salma Hayek

    This spicy latino has way more "sex appeal" than Aniston. That, plus how can you tell a vampire stripper no?

  • 4

    Scarlett Johannson

    When I think of Sexy Chicks, I think of a girl that with one look says "throw me over a table and have your way with me!" Scarlett accomplishes that. Jennifer, not so much.

  • 3

    Marilyn Monroe

    How can you have a list of the sexiest chicks without including the original Hollywood sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe?

  • 2

    Lzzy Hale

    How can we have a list of chicks hotter than Jennifer Aniston without including Lzzy Hale? Not only is she the sexiest chick in all of rock n' roll, but the girl just oozes sex appeal. I can't think of many other chicks that can write a song called "I Get Off" and guys actually do it.

  • 1

    Mila Kunis

    Ok...Maybe she is a bit slutty. Maybe even a bit trashy, but dammit she is sexy. And that tight little body of hers blow Jennifer Aniston's away.