Jessie J, a British singer known for her electropop music and soulful lyrics, stands out from the crowd for her style and fun, unique songs. She was chosen as an opening act for Katy Perry's California Dreams tour in 2011. So, she's a strong female pop contender. But can she mesh with heavy metal music?

Youtuber Dio Britto decided to take a stab at her song "Who's Laughing Now" and turn it into a truly fantastic heavy metal version. Heavy on the foot pedal and full of cymbal crashes, the drummer amps up Jessie's song, bringing it to the ultimate rock and roll.

Britto brings in his friend Rafael Giovanoli on guitar to add some amazing riffs that bring the R&B lyrics of the song into the metal genre.

The song essentially goes from a tough girl ballad to a headbanging anthem with more angst and power than Jessie J could ever handle.