Take Katy Perry's song 'ET,' with its heavy electronic sounds and pop influence, and add some high energy hard rock. The result? An all-out rock version that gives listeners an alternative to party all night to.

Forever Scarlet, a band hailing from Northern Ireland, has influences from punk, pop and hardcore rock music. Between touring and recording they find time to put their personal twists to popular songs.

It's definitely not what you'd expect going from Kanye West's rap lyrics, but Forever Scarlet's lead singer belts it out with a strained, if melodic voice. That strain gives the song a harsher tone, which goes perfectly with the heavy chords and deep drum beats.

Another thing that sets the song apart? The difference between Perry and the male singer from Forever Scarlet. Hearing the song with a male voice gives it a heavier feel, which only adds to the hardcore feel of the band's cover.