We here at 99X have a legacy of being the baddest motherf**kers on the planet. We have the tendency to piss off everyone: record labels, churches, bands, listeners, etc.. Most people get pissed because we do it harder and faster than they ever could. Others just get mad because we piss in their Cheerios a bit.

Well, yesterday, I helped to keep that tradition, that legacy alive and well. Much like Naked Jake, Nick and Drew and everyone else that has ever held the night position on 99X, I made someone mad. And not just mad, but mad enough to threaten me with legal action.

Last night, I received my very first 'Cease and Desist' order from a band. I had planned on using the new single from Saving Abel "Bringing Down the Giant" in last nights Cockfight, but that was brought to a screeching halt when their management contacted us and said that if we didn't pull the song off our website and out of my show immediately, they were going to sue.

What a bunch of whiny vaginies! Yes, you read that right, they got their panties all up in a bunch because I wanted to play their song on the radio. Sure, I happened to get a hold of it a bit earlier than scheduled. But, I also debuted new Manson, Godsmack, and several other bigger bands that  people actually care about way before they were scheduled to be released, and guess what, they didn't care! For the most part, they were happy to be getting spins on the air and to talk about their shows that were  coming to or around our area.

So, if the bleeding hearts and vaginas over in the Saving Abel camp are that upset someone actually wants to play their new song, that's fine by me. I also don't have to promote the show they have coming up at the Warehouse on June 12th with Aranda and Redlight King. Luckily for us though, that show is on a Tuesday night so we can catch the first two bands and bail without really missing anyone of note or having to take off of work the next morning.

Although I will say I can't really be too upset about all of this, that song blew donkey balls anyway.

The point of all this story is that we here at 99X don't change. We still do things the way we always did things, our way. We hope you like what we're up to, but if you don't well too damn bad. At the end of the day, we really don't care who we piss off. We may have the image of being rock and roll bad boys, but we have that image because we earned it. This isn't some gimmick for show, it's who and what we are.

And I'm proud to be part of that tradition. As of right now, I'm one C&D and a couple of FCC citations away from being on Naked Jake's level. Which is actually kind of frightening when you think about it...

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