Let's say that you have been tasting the "tang" of another's poon and you car gets keyed, chances are that you just got busted.

The phrase has always been "hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned". And nothing hurts more than your car getting keyed. Not only do we love our vehicles, but we know how much it is going to cost us to get a new pain job...it is all about the money, at that point.

According to a new survey, the most popular ways to get even is to vandalize a car after a relationship goes bad. Sure, it is illegal, but how many songs talk about the girl/woman getting even?


Top 5 ways to destroy his car:
#1.)  Keying the car or otherwise destroying the paint.
#2.)  Letting the air out of the tires.
#3.)  Smashing windows.
#4.)  Slashing the tires.
#5.)  Leaving messages in the dirt on the car windows.

We don't endorse anyone destroying someone else property.