Wednesday marks the official start of the 2012 NFL season (Giants vs Cowboys, 7:30pm), and we all know that this season will be an interesting one for the New Orleans Saints. In the aftermath of "Bountygate", head coach Sean Payton is suspended for the season, several players and coaches are out for at least a few games - and Linebacker Jonathan Vilma for the entire season.

Bountygate. I'm still a little confused by all that. It's alleged that Saints players were awarded "bonuses" for extremely hard hits on opposing players. Uh, excuse me...isn't that what they're being paid for? It's a violent sport, one that pays millions of dollars to the participants - who sign up knowing full well the possible damage that could be inflicted on their bodies. Call it hazard pay. A few more rules and they might as well call it the NFFL - the National Flag Football League. And I guaranty you that people aren't going to pay the ridiculous ticket prices for that. It's kinda like going to the Coliseum in ancient Rome. You expect a gladiator to lose an arm here and there. Someone to be eaten by a lion. You think those thousands of people would have packed the place to watch the Christians play badminton?

Mr. Goodall, you obnoxious douche, people were getting their asses kicked on the football field when you were still pooping your diapers. The children's diapers, not the ones you wear today. As evidence, check out this video compilation of the 60 Greatest Football hits. Then, suck it!