Kid Rock proves that he is an American Bad Ass. He doesn't give a rat's ass about non-smoking laws! Well, at least when he's drunk.

Over the weekend, Kid went to a Travis Tritt concert in Michigan and lit up a stogie. In his defense he was ripped.Kid Rock was offered drinks from many of the concert goers, and so as not to "waste alcohol" he obliged them and drank the drinks. In his drunken state, Kid Rock lit up a cigar. Little did Kid know, there was a 58 year old asthmatic man nearby who didn't appreciate Kid's blatant disregard for the May 2010 law put into effect that made all concert venues non-smoking. The asthmatic man plans to make a report to the health department.

But, hey he's fucking Kid Rock doesn't he deserve to light up when he damn well pleases? As he obviously states: "It should be no secret that I do receive special treatment.  I worked very hard for it, and without it my life would be a series of nonstop cell phone pictures."

Kid Rock also added,

"I doubt I'm the first one to ever make a bad decision while being intoxicated, so he without fault please cast the first stone.  My most sincere apologies to the patrons I may have offended . . .

"And a big middle finger in advance to all the haters and attorneys who will somehow try to find an easy paycheck in all this."

Well said Mr. Rock. Well said indeed.

Detroit News